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The BeenMissing organization is creating a new kind of solutions through the technology for helping our Community and the Law enforcement agencies to find Missing People.

We are not receiving funding from any organization except the initial development donated by TISA Software.

Our goal, as a non-profit initiative is to help others to solve real problems, using the most innovated tools, to help families and children to find their way back home. This is a private initiative involving everyone through a Web Site, Mobile Apps and Social Networks.

You can also help the BeenMissing project supporting us, and helping us to implement these tools nation-wide.

Our organization is providing the following tools and services:

  • BeenMissing Web Site fully customized
  • Mobile Apps (Android/ IPhone)
  • Social Networks App (Facebook)
  • Training
  • Hosting
  • Support
  • Consulting

You can Help US to help others, and to contribute with your local agency letting them know about this initiative.

Our products are 100% free for any law enforcement agency that wants to use them.
The consulting and training services are also 100% free.

Please, support BeenMissing to make this technology available for everyone. 

Sponsoring Opportunities

If your Company wants to Sponsor BeenMissing for your City or the nation-wide program, please visit the following link to know how our Sponsorship program works and get recognized for your help:

Company Information

We are looking for you

+1 713-900-8667

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Visit us:

16360 Park Ten Place, Suite 301
Houston, TX - 77084
United States


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