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TISA Software’s BeenMissing technology is directly focused as a tool to aid in the process of reporting and searching for missing children, juveniles and runaways by law enforcement agencies and for those civil organizations engaged in similar programs.

TISA Software has ambitious plans for the future of this technology as efforts to reach a long list of law enforcement agencies across the nation is an ongoing task with the same objective of offering them a tool to find the missing children. In this arena, is that TISA Software visualizes the harmonizing participation of the private sector by sponsoring this technology to some of the law enforcement agencies such as police departments, sheriff’s offices and civil organizations across the land.

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This sponsorship has two main objectives, on the one side, offers the private organizations an avenue of involvement with the missing children and their families in the painful process this tragedy brings to all of them and on the other side, private participation offers law enforcement agencies the availability of these tools where most needed, participating with the communities in a climate of collaboration and involvement in a very unique and special need.

A sponsorship to one or more law enforcement agencies could be for the total or partial cost of services. Naturally, the image benefits of this participation are incalculable for your organization.

Get Involved! There are a number of law enforcement agencies and civil organizations across the land that will benefit of a tool like BeenMissing to reunite families and ease the pain of many.



To learn more about the many opportunities and to talk about a sponsorship to law enforcement agencies or civil organizations please contact TISA Software at +1 (713) 900-8667 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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