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The idea came to Ariel Sztern, cofounder with Daniel Palmieri of the BeenMissing in 2011 while listening to the radio in route to work. The radio station was broadcasting an interview with the president of the Missing Children organization in Argentina, Ms. Lidia Grichener who was describing the confusion and the inconvenience generated by the chain of emails in cases of children already found for years.

In that moment and while awaiting for the green light, the question as to how new technologies could participate in this process, offering Missing Children an avenue and the resources to solve the present challenge came to Mr. Sztern who promptly contacted Ms. Grinchner to converse about a computer application as the means to bridge the solution to the challenge she was experiencing.

An application for smart phones was developed and deployed in Argentina at the end of 2011 as a donation to Missing Children; this solution allows its users the access to pictures and general information of missing children with the additional feature of letting users report potential sightings of a missing child in an anonymous mode if desired.  Because the information is directly provided by Missing Children, the challenge and confusion originally experienced was completed solved by the participation of this new technology.

By the utilization of this application, each participant has an ample set of information of missing children with the indisputable benefit given by the mobility that brings new opportunities to search across the nation and in neighbored countries.

Important is to mention is that after weeks of this deployment in Argentina and as a result of a direct investigation into this particular solution, the company learned of the fact that no other country in the Americas has a similar technology making both Missing Children and TISA pioneers in this field. Additionally and as an adjacent opportunity to the experience in Argentina, the same initiative was brought to Texas where the lead sheriff of the city of Houston, Mr. Adrian Garcia expressed interest in the solution. Both, a mobile application and a web portal were donated to the office of the Sheriff of Harris County as the result of this initiative.


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